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So, I am stupid and impulsive.

About six months ago, for not the first time, I opted to leave DeviantArt.  I found the site frustrating to use and felt overwhelmed by all the various social media sites.  I removed all my art submissions, emptied my Watch list, and bid my account farewell.

Only, there are some REALLY amazing artists on this site.  So many times I ran a Google search on something, there would be at least a few results pointing to DeviantArt.  So many "check out these cool depictions of {blank}" would reference DeviantArt.

Thus, here I am, crawling back.

Only, I have to start from scratch.  I have to rebuild that Watch list so I can continue seeing cool works by wonderful people.  And my gallery is mostly empty; should I rebuild that?  Or should I opt to just watch others this time?  I currently post my stuff to Tumblr and Twitter, but neither of those have the sense of community that DeviantArt does.